Interview Questions

Q :  Suppose that you want to determine the user-preferred languages, in order to know how to localize your page. What should you inspect?

• Request.ServerVariables["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"]
• Request.Headers["Accept-language"]
• Request.UserLanguages
• Request.Params["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"]
• Request. Headers["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"]

Q : Which of the following is true about XML tags?

• Must begin with a root element.
• Are case sensitive.
• Must end with a root element.
• all of the above
• none of the above

Q : 5. On what line must the @TRANSACTION directive be on in the ASP page in order to be provide transaction capability for that page?

• Last
• First
• Third
• Any Line in the Sript
• none of the above

Q : When an instance of the AdRotator object is created, it can use its __________ method to retrieve the next ad to display.
• Get
• GetAdvertisement
• RetrieveAd
• ReadAd
• Query 
Q :. When there is an error in an ASP page, the HTTP error that is generated and recognized by IIS is which of the following?

• 500;100
• 404
• 404;100
• 100;500

Q : Learning the URL of the Web page that contains a hyperlink used to reach an ASP page can be done by using which of the following?
• Request.ServerVariables (HTTP_USER_AGENT)
• Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")
• none of the above

Q : Which of the following is NOT a method of the Server object that supports the transfer of execution of script code to another ASP file and does not return to the calling script code?

• The Execute method
• The GoTo method
• The Transfer method
• all of the above
• none of the above

Q :. The following script gives ASP files access to ADO __________:
• Constants
• Connections
• Recordsets
• Commands
• Parameters

Q : Attaching files to a NewMail object is done by using which of the items listed below?

• AttachFile method
• Attachment property
• FileAttach method
• LoadFile
• none of the above

Q : Given the following code with a populated recordset called rs, the Response.Write statement inside the loop is creating multiple __________ to allow the user to choose products.

<% Do until rs.EOF Response.Write "" _
& rs.Fields("ProductName").Value & ""

• Option (radio) buttons
• List box options
• Check boxes
• Command buttons
• none of the above

Q :The __________ method of the Server object can be used to return a physical path when provided with a virtual path. 

• MapPath
• Path
• PathConvert
• PhysPath
• ActivePath

Q :If the following line of code is used in an ASP page, what kind of a CursorType will Recordset rs have?

Set rs = dbConnection.Execute("Select * from Authors")
• Forward-only
• adOpenForwardOnly
• A and B
• No Specific Cursor Type will be created
• none of the above

Q : Which of the following separates the name-value pairs in the Querystring ?

• The Plus (+)
• The Percentage Symbol (%)
• The Ampersand (&)
• The At Symbol (@)
• none of the above 

Q : Use which of the following in the scheduler file to tell the Ad Rotator component that a particular ad has no link associated with it?

• ()
• -
• !
• @ #

Q : Given the following lines in the file that configures the activity of the Ad Rotator component, the line with the asterisk is which of the following?

Redirect AdRotRedir.asp
Width 440
Height 60
Border 1
• Is a comment line.
• Defines the Border Style.
• Separates the first from the second section.
• Specifies that the ads are randomized.
• Specifies that the ads are user-resizable. 

Q : Which of the following settings may appear within code in an ASP file that finds out information about the type of browser the user has by using Request.ServerVariables("__________") .

• none of the above

Q : Which of the following is not a setting for the @TRANSACTION directive?

• Not_Supported
• Supported
• Required
• Not_Required
• Requires_New

Q :  The following script will __________.

<% Response.Write "
" %>
• Maintain state • Create a Form tag
• Pass data to another ASP file
• Retrieve data from another HTML form
• All the above 

Q : Once an XML document is loaded into the parser component, the __________ collection can be used to loop through the nodes in the XML document
.• XMLDOMNodeList • XMLDOMChildrenNodes
• XMLDOMParentNodes
• XMLDOMNodeNames

Q : From script in an ASP page, XML documents can be built from scratch by creating an instance of the XMLDOM object and then creating each element (node) with the method called __________.

• CreateNode • CreateElement
• MakeNode
• MakeElement