Monday, January 24, 2011

Additional Consideration about Virtual directories

To create and test our ASP application we typically need to put all our .asp files inside webroot (C:/Intepub/webroot/My_Application/) and we have to type http://localhost/ My_Application in our web browser to test and run the application. But by creating virtual directory we can place our .asp files in any directory or system drive.

A virtual directory appears to browsers as if it were contained in a Web server's root directory, even though it can physically reside somewhere else. This approach enables you to publish Web content that is not located under the root folder of a Web server

To know more about virtual directory and to create a virtual directory please refer my article dated OCTOBER 7, 2010 Virtual Directory.

NOTE :  
  • You can create an almost unlimited number of virtual directories for your service, although performance may suffer if you create too many of them.
  • To locate virtual directories, the URL for the virtual directory must be specified. You can do this by either clicking a hypertext link that contains the URL or by typing the URL in the browser. For the gopher service, you can create explicit links in tag files so that users can access virtual directories.
  •  If you are using the NTFS file system, you can also create a virtual directory as follows:
    • 1. Right-click a directory in Windows Explorer.
    • 2. Click Sharing.
    • 3. Click to select the Web Sharing property sheet.
  •  In IIS 3.0, any virtual directory that is not associated with a specific IP address is accessible from all Web sites that are hosted on the server. In IIS 4.0 and later, this behavior is changed to make a virtual directory accessible from multiple Web sites that use multiple IP addresses. To make a virtual directory accessible from multiple Web sites that use multiple IP addresses, you must now add the virtual directory to each site.
  • Deleting a virtual directory does not delete the corresponding physical directory or files.

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